Fantom Game Calls
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Metal Insert Body Bubinga Timber Call $35.00 fgc-duk-3bug
Fantom Duck Calls Metal Insert Body These calls have a metal insert body with mylar reed They are double reed (Timber) calls and although not for cranking offer an excellant sound.
Metal Insert Body Wenge Timber Call $35.00 fgc-duk-3wng
Metal Insert Body Sycamore Timber Call $35.00 fgc-duk-3syc
Metal Insert Body Ziricote Timber Call $35.00 fgc-duk-3zir
Fantom Wood Duck Calls These calls have a small metal insert body. They are great for reproducing the sitting and flying sounds of the Wood Duck
Wood Duck Call Paduak $35.00 fgc-wdk-1pad
Wood Duck Call Sycamore $35.00 fgc-wdk-1syc
Wood Duck Call Bubinga $35.00 fgc-wdk-1bug
Wood Duck Call Wenge $35.00 fgc-wdk-1wng
Fantom Duck and Goose Calls
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Goose Calls These goose calls are honker calls with a long neck, easy to blow, cluck, cackle, hum, and feeding chuckles.
Goose Call Short Reed Indian Laurel 5” $85.00 fgc-gos-inla
Goose Call Short Reed Paduak 5 ½” $85.00 fgc-gos-pad
Goose Call Short Reed Oregon Burl Myrtle 5 ¾” $85.00 fgc-gos-bmyr
Goose Call Short Reed Ziricote 5 ½” $85.00 fgc-gos-ziri
Goose Call Short Reed Paduak $85.00 fgc-gos-pad1
Speckle Belly Goose (Spec) Calls These are single body calls with an internal reed. Using back pressure to adjust the high pitch clucks and yodles of Speckled Belly Geese.
Spec Call Cherry $35.00 fgc-spc-chy
Spec Call Jatoba $35.00 fgc-spc-jat
Spec Call Teak $35.00 fgc-spc-tea
Spec Call Mexican Ebony $35.00 fgc-spc-mxe
Spec Call Paduak $35.00 fgc-spc-pad
Duck Call RS-40 These calls are our premium calls sure to call in those stubburn birds. Whether setting in the field calling or sitting on the shelf these calls look and sound great. RS-40’s are laser engraved with varying duck related images. Contact us for custom engravings!
RS-40 Ziricote Carved $125.00 fgc-rs40-zir
RS-40 Bubinga Carved Swirl $125.00 fgc-rs40-busw
RS-40 Mexican Ebony Duck Feather $125.00 fgc-rs40-mxfe
RS-40 Mesquite Duck Feather $125.00 fgc-rs40-mqfe
RS-40 Paduak Duck Feather $125.00 fgc-rs40-pafe
RS-40 Ziricote Checkered $125.00 fgc-rs40-zirch
RS-40 Jatoba Duck Hunter $125.00 fgc-rs40-jadhu
RS-40 Paduak Duck Feather $125.00 fgc-rs40-pafe2
RS-40 Jatoba Checkered $125.00 fgc-rs40-jach
RS-40 Jatoba Flying Ducks $125.00 fgc-rs40-jafly
RS-40 Jatoba Checkered Duck $125.00 fgc-rs40-jachd
Fantom Ignite Duck Calls This call is amazing! It will ignite your duck hunting with soft calls and the ability to reach out there and bring those ducks in. We’ve tried to overblow these calls and just can’t do it.
Fantom Ignite Chechen Grey $45.00 fgc-ign-chegr
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Smoke $45.00 fgc-ign-jasm
Fantom Ignite Chechen Smoke $45.00 fgc-ign-chsm
Fantom Ignite Wenge Black $45.00 fgc-ign-webl
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Grey $45.00 fgc-ign-jagr
Fantom Ignite Ziricote Black $45.00 fgc-ign-zibl
Fantom Ignite Mexican Ebony Grey $45.00 fgc-ign-mxgr
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Red $45.00 fgc-ign-jard
Fantom Ignite Ziricote Black $45.00 fgc-ign-zibl2
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Smoke $45.00 fgc-ign-jasm2
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Red $45.00 fgc-ign-jard2
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Grey $45.00 fgc-ing-jagy2
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Grey $45.00 fgc-ing-jagy3
Fantom Ignite Bocote Smoke $45.00 fgc-ing-bosm
Fantom Ignite Walnut Green $45.00 fgc-ing-wagr
Fantom Ignite Bocote Black $45.00 fgc-ing-bobl
Fantom Ignite Bocote Black $45.00 fgc-ing-bobl2
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Red $45.00 fgc-ing-jard3
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Red $45.00 fgc-ing-jard4
Fantom Ignite Jatoba Green $45.00 fgc-ing-jagr
Fantom Ignite Bocote Smoke $45.00 fgc-ing-bosm2
Fantom Ignite Bubinga Green $45.00 fgc-ing-bugr
Fantom Ignite Mexican Ebony Grey $45.00 fgc-ing-mxgy2
Ceyon Ebony, Copper, and Elk Antler Ceylon Ebony is a rare wood that is no longer exported. Ceylon is now known as Sri Lanka Goose Call Short Reed 5 ¾” Tall Duck Call Signature Series 4 ⅝” Tall $380.00 fgc-dgset-ceyant
Duck and Goose Call Set This is a premium set of a short reed goose call and our signature series duck call.
Pink Ivory, Copper, and Elk Antler Pink Ivory is a rare wood was once a death penalty to have unless a Zulu King. Pink Ivory is from Africa. Goose Call Short Reed 5 ½” Tall Duck Call Signature Series 4 ⅝” Tall $380.00 fgc-dgset-piant
Goose Call Long Body Bocote Barrel Mexican Ebony Exhuast $85.00 fgc-gos-lboc
Goose Call Short Reed Bois D’Arc 5” $85.00 fgc-gos-bda
Goose Call Long Body Honduran Rosewood Barrel Cherry Exhuast $85.00 fgc-gos-lhros
Goose Call Long Body Chechen Barrel Mesquite Exhuast $85.00 fgc-gos-lche
Goose Call Long Body Ziricote Barrel Jatoba Exhuast $85.00 fgc-gos-lzija
Goose Call Long Body Zircote Barrel Ziricote Exhuast $85.00 fgc-gos-zir
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