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Fantom Turkey Calls
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The Double Beard The double sided Short Box Call. High Pitched laser engraved on all sides. These calls sound and look great. Paddle 1 ⅞”x9”, Box 1 ⅞”x7”
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Walnut Cherry $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-1
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Walnut Mesquite $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-2
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Walnut Walnut $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-3
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Bolivian Rosewood Cherry $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-4
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Cherry Cherry $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-5
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Patagonia Rosewood Cherry $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-6
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Pink Ivory Walnut $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-7
Fantom Double Beard Mahogany/Walnut Oak $60.00 fgc-tur-dblbear-8
Cutter Boxes Single sided cutter boxes, great for yelps, purrs, clucks, and cutting. Neat laser engravings help add a camo effect to the calls
Fantom Cutter Box Cedar/Patagonia Rosewood Maple $60.00 fgc-tur-cut-1
Fantom Cutter Box Cedar/Walnut Maple $60.00 fgc-tur-cut-2
Fantom Cutter Box Poplar/Cherry Walnut $60.00 fgc-tur-cut-3
Fantom Cutter Box Mahogany/Bolivian Rosewood Mesquite $60.00 fgc-tur-cut-4
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