Fantom Game Calls
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Fantom Turkey Calls
Use this Auto-Yelper to bring in those battle weary birds. The Auto-Yelper makes purrs, clucks, and yelps simply with the push of a button.
Fantom Auto-Yelper Walnut $25.00 fgc-tur-4-wal
Fantom Long box Mahogany/Walnut $55.00 fgc-tur-3-maw
The Old Traditional Call for turkeys, the long box can purr, cut, cluck, yelp, and even gobble. These calls are made from mahogany tone sides and a walnut paddle. Loud and realistic sound qualities.
Fantom Short box Maple/Mahogany $45.00 fgc-tur-2-mam
Fantom Short box Paduak/Walnut $45.00 fgc-tur-2-paw
Fantom Short box Paduak/Maple $45.00 fgc-tur-2-pam
Fantom Short box Walnut/Cherry $45.00 fgc-tur-2-wac
Fantom Short box Oak/Cherry $45.00 fgc-tur-2-oac
Fantom Short box Walnut/Maple $45.00 fgc-tur-2-wam
The Fantom Turkey LIl’ Seducer Call is a 3inch slate over wood. This is the call grandpa would carry in his pocket and in total amazement of the sound, would call in turkeys. Excellent purrs, clucks, and yelps. Comes with sandpaper to tune up call.
Fantom Lil’ Seducer Slate Walnut $35.00 fgc-tur-1-wal
Fantom Lil’ Seducer Slate Cherry $35.00 fgc-tur-1-chy
The Fantom Short Box Turkey Call is a higher pitch loud call than the long box. These colorful box calls are sure to entice any wild turkey. All short boxes are hand tuned for the best sound.
Fantom Crow Squaker Bloodwood $25.00 fgc-Cro-1-bld
Use the Fantom Crow Squaker to find those turkeys roosting. This is a bite call that sounds awesome and will get those big gobblers agitated and sounding off. each call comes with it’s own lanyard.
Fantom Crow Squaker Redheart $25.00 fgc-Cro-1-rdh
Fantom Crow Squaker Paduak $25.00 fgc-Cro-1-pad
Fantom Crow Squaker Mulberry $25.00 fgc-Cro-1-mul
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Fantom Auto-Yelper Cherry $25.00 fgc-tur-4-che
Fantom Auto-Yelper Cedar $25.00 fgc-tur-4-ced
Trough Calls - These calls are slate over wood and offer a nice loud sound for a slate call. Each call comes with two strickers one high pitch and one low pitch.
Fantom Trough Call Cherry $45.00 fgc-tur-5-che
Fantom Trough Call Cedar $45.00 fgc-tur-5-ced
Fantom Trough Call Oak $45.00 fgc-tur-5-oak