Fantom Game Calls
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Fantom Chukar Calls
The Fantom Chukar Call comes in handy in a pinch when those stubburn birds will not get up. Use this call to call for the assembly and get them moving. Each call comes with its own lanyard.
Fantom Chukar Call Mulberry $25.00 fgc-chu-1-mul
Fantom Chukar Call Sycamore $25.00 fgc-chu-1-syc
Fantom Chukar Call Paduak $25.00 fgc-chu-1-pad
Fantom Chukar Call Granadillo $25.00 fgc-chu-1-gra
Fantom Chukar Call Pink Ivory $25.00 fgc-chu-1-piy
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The Fantom Quail Call works with Valley Quail and Gambel’s Quail. For the Valley Quail remember Chi-ca-go and Gambel’s Quail Chi-ca-ti-go for their assembly call. Each call comes with its own lanyard.
Fantom Quail Call Brown Ebony $18.00 fgc-vqu-1-bre
Fantom Quail Call Granadillo $18.00 fgc-vqu-1-gra
Fantom Quail Call Bloodwood $18.00 fgc-vqu-1-bld
Fantom Quail Call Mulberry $18.00 fgc-vqu-1-mul
Fantom Quail Calls
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